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Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I sell my home for the highest price?

- de-clutter & de-personalize the home
- touch up cosmetic repairs (move-in ready) 
- repaint to brighter & neutral colors 
- choose a good listing agent to sell 
- the marketing strategy the agent uses
*Click 'Contact' for comparable sales in your neighborhood

How much money should my down payment be?

To save the most money (on mortgage insurance & lender fees) you want to aim for 20% down payment. Minimum down payment is 3%. 

$200,000 home x 20% =  $40,000

$200,000 home x 3%   =  $6,000

What credit score did I need to qualify for a loan?

*Update (coronavirus) - the minimum credit score is 620-640

When's the best time to buy if I want a good deal?

Most homes are sold in the Summer because families move when the kids are out from school. In the summer, there are more homes on the market but also more buyers, which causes to more bidding wars. The best time to buy is in the winter & holiday seasons when homes have been on the market for awhile and weren't able to sell in the summer.

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